Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy
Smartscript Pharmacy meets the needs of parents and pediatricians.

When it comes to medicating your child, sometimes the commercially available manufactured product is not in a flavor, strength or dosage form that your child can take. Smartscript’s, specially trained formulation pharmacists, can suggest alternative methods of drug delivery, designed to assist in getting medication into your child. We can, in many cases, formulate medications to be applied thru the skin, offering painless, effective drug delivery. For those parents working with Autism Spectrum Disorders, both taste, feel, and ease of delivery are important considerations to consider. We can help with sensory issues related to drug delivery.

Should your needs require sugar free, dye free, gluten free, or specialized formulation considerations, we can work with you and your doctor to design a drug delivery method to customize drug delivery.

Our expertise includes lollipops, transdermal creams, oral suspensions with individualized flavor options, ear drops, nose drops, nose sprays, oral sprays for numbing mouth pain. We also formulate many topical creams, gels, spray gels, ointments for skin disorders.

Some commonly requested formulations include:
  • Gastrointestinal: Lansoprazole, omeprazole, metronidazole, calcium carbonate/magnesium suspension
  • Ears/nose/throat: Benzocaine/antipyrine ear drop, lidocaine throat spray, magic mouthwash
  • Diaper rash: sucralfate paste, zinc oxide paste

  • Eczema, Psoriasis: cyanocobalamin/primrose oil in Xematop
  • Fever/pain: ibuprofen, acetaminophen lollipop or suppository
  • Nausea/vomiting: Ondansetron, ginger root, promethazine
The above drugs can be formulated into long-acting sustained released formulations, immediate release, quick dissolve, or even formulations that allow the drug to be absorbed through the skin, avoiding the first-pass effect that oral forms have. By utilizing the skin, many of the side effects of oral medications are avoided by by-passing the liver.

We can also support radiation treatment burns by several wound care formulas using our proprietary bases, such as Mucolox®, Pracasil Plus®,and other bases used to heal.


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