Pain Management

Each year, over one million Americans report being affected by serious pain.  Acute (sudden) pain can easily evolve into chronic (long-term) pain, which can become difficult to treat.  Many commonly prescribed, commercially available pain relief medications help the symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis, musculature and nerve pain or some medications can also treat scar and wounds.

Unfortunately, the orally taken medications can also be the cause of side effects resulting in drowsiness, dizziness or various stomach irritations and gastrointestinal tract issues.  Many patients taking these oral medications accept these conditions as part of daily life, but there may be a better solution through pharmacy compounding or topical creams.

What are the benefits of topically delivered compounded medications:

  • Pain creams can be customized for the individual patient
  • Topically applied creams are convenient and offer painless administration
  • Topical creams reduce side effects resulting from the minimization of drug concentration in the blood
  • Combining several drugs into one topical cream delivers optimal results by enabling multiple modes of action
  • Applying the medication to the targeted area delivers up to 100 times greater concentration than through an oral route
  • Use of topical medications helps to minimize the possibility of various addictions (such as narcotics or opioids) while delivering optimized pain relief
  • Topically delivered compounded medications applied to the skin in a cream are less likely to react with other medications
  • Provides a viable solution for treatment when oral dosing is not feasible

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