Ear, Nose, and Throat Medicines
Smart Script Pharmacy is your resource for ear, nose and throat customized medication formulations.

Our compounding pharmacy collaborates with many ENT’S around the country to provide treatment options for our patients designed to get you well. No longer are we just treating the symptoms, we are able to correct the problem causing sinus problems.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has the essential knowledge, equipment, devices, and medications to provide quality formulations and delivery options for optimum outcomes.

Examples of available devices we compound for include:
  • Sheehy-House powder insufflator
  • Metered/non-metered nasal spray bottles
  • Normal saline and sterile water for irrigation
  • Nebulizers for nose inhalation
  • Nasal irrigator tips for specific Water Pik® models
  • Squeeze jet powder puffs

  • Otic solutions and suspensions
  • Throat sprayers
  • Troche molds for formulation specific requirements (both gelatin and non-gelatin)
  • Sterile Compounding is also provided when necessary
The above drugs can be formulated into long-acting sustained released formulations, immediate release, quick dissolve, or even formulations that allow the drug to be absorbed through the skin, avoiding the first-pass effect that oral forms have. By utilizing the skin, many of the side effects of oral medications are avoided by by-passing the liver.

We can also support radiation treatment burns by several wound care formulas using our proprietary bases, such as Mucolox®, Pracasil Plus®,and other bases used to heal.


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