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Medicare Set-Aside:

The Smartscript Pharmacy Medicare Set-Aside prescription program was developed to address the unique needs of clients with MSA accounts. Our goal is to fulfill and deliver prescriptions affordably and efficiently, which helps you reduce expenses, protect your funds, and eliminate the stress of dealing with MSA prescription issues on your own. We provide peace of mind.

We know pharmacy costs play a critical role in maintaining the funds in your MSA account. That’s why we work with your physicians, fund administrators, and even attorneys, so you get the pharmaceutical service you desire and the value you deserve.

Did You Know That:

  • MSA funds may not be used to buy any medications that are not covered by Medicare?
  • You have a yearly accounting requirement to report all MSA expenses to Medicare?
  • If you do not properly spend the funds in your MSA Account, Medicare will not pay bills for your injury after the funds are depleted?Most pharmacies do not understand the difference between regular prescriptions and post-settlement injury prescriptions or the special requirements of Medicare Set-aside Accounts. SmartScript Pharmacy is an expert in post-settlement prescriptions and in ensuring your experience is stress-free.

Additional MSA Resources:

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